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Sound Therapy & Acutonics

Everything in the Universe vibrates, from the smallest particle, to the planets in our solar system, to the billions of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, creating patterns of geometric wave forms, frequencies, musical intervals, and sounds. the human body is made up of roughly 70% water, sound waves easily travel through like ripples in a pond. These ripples can break up physical blocks like tight muscles, or emotional blocks like stuck feelings. On a small scale, sound can help attune the body to a more healing frequency while on the macro level we are working towards a harmonic attunement with all things within the Universe helping us to take our place within the Tao, us as one piece of the whole.

Sound therapy is the application of a musical note(s) or specific frequency on, above or surrounding the body with the goal of improving a body’s own vibrational frequency. Using sound and vibration to re-harmonize and attune the human energy field, Acutonics is a non-invasive yet powerful, transformational healing system. Sound waves, provided by sound tools applied directly to the body, can be a powerful agent in creating this transformation. When your body begins to relax, the healing process can begin. I find sound to be a perfect complement to an acupuncture treatment. Often we can access the meridian system that guides needle placement to further deepen our messaging and healing intention for the body. Sound is also a soothing balm for our nervous system, allowing the body to fully relax into a treatment offering up our greatest potential for healing.

We offer sound therapy in multiple ways. Every acupuncture treatment has some element of sound added to magnify the benefits of acupuncture usually in the form of tuning forks applied to the body in addition to needles. Erin also offers specific sound and acupuncture treatments that involve many more sound tools including forks, chimes and singing bowls played both on the body and around the body. Erin is also offering group sound healing events which involve drums and Crystal and Tibetan bowls. Contact her for more information.